360° Swivel Mount Applications

  • Automotive Offroad

    Pair with our vehicle specific mounting brackets for simple installation

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  • Fire & Emergency

    Heat resistant and water tight sealed housing that won't fail when you need It most

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  • Heavy Equipment

    Dense billet aluminum base and mounting arm that can take the beating of any work site

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  • Marine

    Rust proof and corrosion resistant anodized aluminum to withstand the rigors of the sea

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    Designed for Any Application


    Engineered in the USA


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Match Your Style

360° Swivel Red 360° Swivel Silver


How Does The 360 Swivel Mount?

2 Tapped Holes are located at the bottom of each 360 degree swivel mount that can be utilized with our wide range of mounting brackets including universal mounts, vehicle specific a-pillar ditch mounts, and bar clamps.

Can They Only Be Used as Light Mounts?

While they were originally designed for lights, you could attach anything to the mounting arm where you need quick rotational aiming on the fly!

What is the Warranty?

All of Our Mounts Are Backed By a Lifetime Manufacture Warranty. This covers against any and all mechanical failure of the mount. That is how confident we are that our 360 degree swivel mounts can take any beating you throw at them!

How Long Does Shipping Take?

We usually ship within 48 hours of when the order is placed. All orders are shipping from California, USA.